LarryBoy & the Fib from Outer Space (By: Veggie Tales) – DVD

LarryBoy & the Fib from Outer Space (By: Veggie Tales) – DVD

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Format : DVD (NTSC/Region 1)
Release Date : 2015
5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Genre : Kids & Family, Animation

Join Junior and the rest of the Veggies as they teach us a lesson in telling the truth! A little fib turns into a big problem for Junior Asparagus! With Dad’s favorite bowling plate in pieces, Junior is sure to be punished … until a strange visitor advises him to cover his tracks with a little white lie. Lies have a way of growing — and it isn’t long before Junior’s “little fib” has grown into a 30-foot-tall monster, threatening to devour all of Bumblyburg! There’s only one person to call in a crisis like this … Bumblyburg’s own superhero, Larry-Boy! But can anyone stop the Fib from Outer Space? Kids learn that “a lie can trap you, but the truth will set you free!”

Also includes the “LarryBoy Theme Song” video

DVD Bonus Features Audio Commentary, Behind the Scenes, Concept Art, Trivia Game, How to Draw the LarryMobile and the Big Fib, Interactive Storybook, Maze — Family Fun Activity, Hidden “Easter Egg” Features

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