Silly Songs (With Split Track) (By: Cedarmont Kids) – CD 1

Silly Songs (With Split Track) (By: Cedarmont Kids) – CD


Accompaniment Tracks CD

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Label : Cedarmont Kids
Genre : Kids / Accompaniment Split track

Bonus Split track versions included for sing-along

Song List on Section One

1. Dry Bones
2. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitdt
3. Wise Man and the Foolish Man
4. S-M-I-L-E
5. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
6. Rocka My Soul
7. Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink
8. Fingers, Noes and Toes
9. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
10. Who Built the Ark
11. Bingo
12. I Got Shoes
13. Looby Loo
14. Polly-Wolly-Doodle
15. Who Did (Swallow Jonah)
16. Michael Finnigan
17. Oh, You Can’t Get to Heaven
18. There’s a Hold in the Bucket

Song List on Section Two

Tracks 19-36, All Tracks repeat in Split Track format

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