Watch and Learn: Keyboard Primer Book for Beginners (By: Lee Davis) – Book with CD 1

Watch and Learn: Keyboard Primer Book for Beginners (By: Lee Davis) – Book with CD

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Format: Paperback
Publisher : Watch and Learn
Genre : Nonfiction, Educational, Instructional, Music Book

Include Audio CD with over 20 songs for the student to play and quickly learn scales, chords, & note reading on the keyboard and piano

Keyboard Primer by Lee Davis is the companion book to the keyboard video and is specially designed for the beginning keyboard or piano player. Using many photos and illustrations, this book teaches proper technique and hand positions, scales, chords, and note reading. All music is written in standard music notation and is fully explained. This course includes an audio CD where all the songs are played at 2 speeds (slow for practicing and performance tempo). The book contains markers for each piece of music so you can locate it’s exact position on the CD or video.

Contents Include:
– Parts of the Keyboard
– Proper Playing Position
– Learning the Keys
– Right and Left Hand Technique
– Treble Clef
– Bass Clef
– Chords
– C Major Scale

About the Author

Lee Davis is an Atlanta session musician and performer with over 20 years of experience playing and teaching keyboards. Lee performs nightly with some of the top acts in the South. He also does extensive recording work with MLD Productions and Maysville Music, and has recorded 2 solo CDs, as well as the Introduction to Keyboards Video.

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