JFK In His Own Words: President John F Kennedy, Collector’s Edition – Audio Documentary on Double CD

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Format : Audio CD, 2 CDs

JFK Documentary in a new and unique style.

A dramatic audio presentation in a cinematic style with inspiring orchestrated music and superb narration that is exciting and entertaining.

This audio documentary explores the times and exciting events during the time in office of President John F Kennedy. From the Space Race to the Cuban Missile Crisis with interesting moments in American life in a time that challenged all the strength, intelligence, wit and humor of a nation and President John F Kennedy.

Historical audio that is expertly restored and remastered and includes President John F Kennedy in rare as well as historic moments. This JFK audio documentary goes beyond the audio book or plain spoken word recording format to capture the feel of the times during the Kennedy Administration.

A dramatic and sometimes quite humorous presentation that will entertain and inspire. The scope of this audio CD set is to cause the listener to relive or experience for the first time what it was like to live in those amazing times during the JFK Presidency. With a backdrop of what popular songs were being heard and what hit movies were playing. What the times were like as amazing events were taking place.

The trials an tribulations facing the press and the enemies of freedom. At some times dramatic and surprising. Moments of the sharp wit and humor from JFK. Also moments of heart and emotion as loss and danger is faced by President John F Kennedy and our nation. Gain new insight in a new way to the times of JFK and American life as it was experienced then. Understand principles that apply to our time now.

Learn first hand from President John F Kennedy in his own words as he faces determined enemies and events. JFK’s verbal wrestling with the press. His ideas on the prosperity of our nation that were applied and worked.

This is not a political view of President Kennedy but a revealing view of a man, a nation and a time of incredible achievement. JFK in his own words for our time.

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