Diary Of A Real Boy (Original Adaptation by Tony Rollo) – Audiobook On CD

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Format : CD, 2 CDs

Funnier Than Fiction – Because It’s the Real Thing !

A cross between one of those rascal kids, Huck Finn, a Mayberry kid and that menace boy. Yet, this all really happened. Timeless hilarious stories in a year of a boy’s life. Well meaning but full of heartful mischief, this boy experiences lots of fun times which we can all identify with in our memory one way the other.

A Brilliant Character Performance

Hilariously Heartful Real Stories of Mirthful Mischief

Nashville producer Tony Rollo directs and captures a brilliant performance by the young actor Misun in this original adaptation of the classic real journal of a real boy from rural America.

From One Generation to the Next Nothing Really Changes.

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