Advance Now: The Best of Business Success (By: Dr. Brown Landone) – Audiobook On CD

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Format : Audio CD, 2 CDs

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As heard on your radio – The Original Audio Adaptation Performance by Tony Rollo.

The Best Methods of Success By Dr. Brown Landone

Real Stories of Real Success

Would you listen to the proven wisdom from a man of success ?

He lived a vigorous life to the age of 98 and achieved his own dreams and helped many make their dreams become realities in life and business.

Covering real life examples from sales to real estate to creating your own business to taking even the most destitute cases into a brilliant future.

From original first edition texts and dramatically performed by Nashville Producer Tony Rollo, these are the best stories and methodologies for success from renowned business consultant, medical doctor and prolific author Dr. Brown Landone.

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